Range Rules
1 All weapons must be POINTED DOWNRAGE at all times
2 Firearms will only be handled on the FIRING LINE
3 Keep your FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until you are ready to shoot
4 Make sure bullets will hit the BACKSTOP, not the ceiling or floor
5 NO RAPID FIRE ALLOWED, 1 round per second ($10 fine!)
6 Shoot at your own target, NO CROSS RANGE FIRING
7 If your gun jams, leave it on the firing line, pointing downrange and contact the Range Officer for assistance
8 Make sure that ammunition is compatible with the firearm being used
9 All persons entering the firing line must wear EYE and EAR PROTECTION
10 The use of holsters will not be permitted
11 This is a family recreation facility, please use appropriate language
12 All ammunition MUST be FULL METAL JACKET
13 Shotguns with shoulder stocks are allowed everyday, but you MUST use RANGE AMMO
14 NO pistol grip shotguns allowed
15 You may pick up your brass, any brass over firing line is ours!
16 We reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE
17 Persons not complying with the above RULES will be asked to leave


These rules help ensure a safe and fun environment